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Spreading The Message of Jesus Through Song

Susanna Lynn Music.  Spreading the message of Jesus through song.


About Susanna Lynn

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Hi, I’m Susanna Lynn and I’m restarting a Gospel Ministry that I had begun years ago in Kentucky.  My ministry mission is to spread God’s Word through singing at charity functions, benefits, churches, and for anyone who would like to hear the message of Jesus through song.  My debut CD of original songs was a top 5 finalist for Christian Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards.   I've just released the single, I Am Alive, with a powerful message about the sanctity of life. And I'm recording my second Christian CD of my original songs. 

A little background...I began writing songs at the age 6, began singing in the choir, and at around age 16 sang in my brother’s garage band.  Later on in my life, God opened doors and I met legendary producer Larry Rogers who recorded a Gospel CD of my original songs with some great Nashville musicians, including 2 Grammy winners!  The CD placed in the top 5 for Christian Album of the Year at the IMAs, but I got sick and had to put my music ministry on hold.  I got so sick I couldn’t sing anymore. 

But there was a purpose for it. When I was down healthwise, God did a good work in me as I poured into God's Word day and night.  Eventually, God healed me and I feel like Susie 2.0 now! :-) I realize now that the downtime provided me the Amor of God that I will need to complete the mission He had in store for me.  

Recently, God opened doors again for me and I’ve been blessed with a new Gospel music mission.  I’ve been writing new music and recording in Nashville again.  Larry Rogers has assembled an A-Team of musicians from for my CD...musicians from bands including Clint Black's band, Alabama and Kellie Pickler 's band just to name a few!  I've just released a special pro-life single, I Am Alive, and I will need the Armor of God on this journey to spread that message, and I'm asking for your prayers as well.    

I'm so grateful for this new music mission and I'm thankful to be singing the message of Jesus! :)  I'll be spreading God's Word wherever He leads me!

I hope to be singing for you soon!  

Blessings and Peace,

Susanna Lynn

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