Susanna Lynn Music

Spreading The Message of Jesus Through Song

Susanna Lynn Music.  Spreading the message of Jesus through song.


the release of my prolife video


September 8

free to the public on my website, YouTube channel, and facebook page at

featurING the newest 4D video technology of preborn babies. 

I will be presenting to legislators this VIDEO with THE MESSAGE OF protecting and PRIORITIZING THE SANCTITY OF LIFE.  i'LL ALSO BE WORKING WITH PRolife organizations and pregnancy centers TO ASSIST THEM IN THEIR WORK. 

If you would like to support this prolife mission, the DIGITAL song DOWNLOAD is available here on my "Store" page FOR 99 centS.  There is also a CD with informative 6-panel packet for $4.99.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign! 

I couldn't have done this without you!


And thanks to you, I'm still....

"Spreading the Message of Jesus

Through Song"


To get involved in the PROLIFE mission to protect the sanctity of life, here are a few organizations that can get you started: - Personhood (you can find your state's organization on this national site) - Personhood Florida  - National Right to Life (the largest and oldest right to life group)

For post-abortion healing and restoration, visit Project Rachel at and Rachel's Vinyard at 


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Sanctity of Life Sunday presentation of I Am Alive at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Jan. 2018

Radio debut of I Am Alive during Sanctity of Life Week Jan. 2018

Debut performance of I Am Alive at the Florida Sanctity of Human Life Conference Fall 2017





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